Carbon steel fastener round clamp

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1000 Set/Sets per Month
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Quick Details
Carbon Steel
Union, round clamp
Place of Origin:
Henan, China (Mainland)
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Flange, Clamp
Head Code:
Carbon steel
Pipe connector
installation method:
Joint bolt materials:
flexible pipe joint
flexible pipe joint type:
To open type
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Carbon steel fastener round clamp
1.Packaging Detail: Braided packing,each joint in carton box, then into plywood case,Plywood cases suitable for sea transportation.
2.Wooden box size:one meter long high width
3.Wooden box reproduced quantity:1000sets
4. Settlement way:Advance deposit payment prior to delivery of the goods production, the one-time payment.Or collected by the logistics company.
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Normal delivery:7-15days.Spot goods delivery:7days.

Carbon steel fastener round clamp


Carbon steel fastener round clamp Introduction :

Carbon steel fastener round clamp  is used for pipe connections, reliable performance, easy to install products.

Carbon steel fastener round clamp (also called steel flexible joint, clamp) is a kind of flexible joint pipe connector, reliable performance, convenient installation products. Flexible joint at low pressure, the deformation on the sealing ring to seal the objective, elastic, flexible joint in pressure increases, the role of the media in the sealing ring, steel flexible joints to automatic sealing function, and the displacement and bending clearance compensation pipeline due to thermal expansion and contraction of the left in the room

Before the installation of connector, the first end pipe welded on both ends of pipeline, practice is: remove the bolts, the clamp is opened, the end pipe installed in accordance with the technical parameters of the corresponding pipe length fixed at both ends of the tube, adjust the parallelism, welding. B. mounted rubber ring and bolt

End pipe according to the above method after installation, after cooling, the sealing ring is arranged in the middle of two ends of the pipeline shown according to the diagram. The procedure is as follows: first, the rubber ring sealing surface in turn, will turn to the outside, and then put into one end of the tube, is adjusted to the appropriate position, then the ring edge up, buckle cover at the other end of pipe, adjust the sealing ring on both ends of pipe position, should make the sealing ring in the middle of two end tube. For the convenience of apron successfully installed can try to ring side turn up and smearing Vaseline oil. Then put the clamps split button on the end pipe, bolt the wild card is fixed, should pay attention to: the application of bolt fastening diagonal method at the same time gradually alternately, fastening bolts at the same time, application of hammer wild card, so that the sealing ring is coated evenly, can avoid the interface card on the extrusion distortion phenomenon of sealing ring. After the completion of welding repair of the sealing surface should be removed or burr, bumps, scratches and dirt, and then spray antirust paint.




Carbon steel fastener round clamp  Dimension :


External Diameter :

Allow the pipe ends axially
load Kgf
Deflection volume
turning angle minium length br>(mm)installment length br>(mm)max length
supporting stud
898026802017.9090100110M12  60
10810035502015.0690100110M14  60
13312546202013.0595105115M14  60
15915055302012.09100110120M14  60
19417573702010.51100110120M16  60
2192009370209.33106116126M16  75
24522511750208.36112122132M16  80
27325014620207.51117127137M18  90
32530020680206.32120130140M18  100
37735027875205.45125135145M18  100
42640035600204.80130140150M18  110
48045045180204.28135145155M18  110
53050055120203.88140150160M18  120
63060065900223.27145155165M18  120
72070070170222.86150160170M20  120
82080084400222.51155165175M20,  130
920900106200222.24160170180M20  130
10201000116870222.02165175185M20  130
12201200130600241.69170180190M22  140
14201400146200241.45175185195M22  140
16201600158300241.27180190200M22  140
18201800166000241.13185195205M22   150
20202000179000241.01190200210M24  150
22202200187000261.01195205215M24  150
24202400196000261.01200210220M24  150
26202600206000261.01205215225M24  160
28302800253300261.01210220230M27  160
30203000260100261.01215225235M27  160
32203200286900261.01220230240M27  180


NOTES : PN=1.6MPa, PN=2.5MPa, PN=4.0MPa, PN=6.4MPa
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Carbon steel fastener round clamp